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Related article: Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 17:09:44 -0600 From: Nancy Boy Subject: Adult Education Part OneThis story contains scenes of a sexual nature occurring between men. If you're legally too young in your area to be reading this or don't care for that sort of thing, go away. Author retains rights.Adult Education: The Secret Lives Of Manuel Suave (continued from The Rent, Part 25 in the Friends category)The secrets we know so far? Diego has an abusive father and nine bothers as well as an alcoholic mother he can't forgive for allowing the abuse to go one. Diego moved out on his eighteenth birthday and has helped four brothers, twins Carlos and Will and the other twins Bobby and Mike, do the same when they became legal. Diego fell in love with Sue Hightower and they have a child together, Lizzie and rent a house with two friends of Diego's from high school, Karl Martin and Pete Woods. To make ends meet Diego secretly got hired by a gay for pay porn website as Manuel Suave that also employs his best friend for life, Michael Pappos. Pete found out and Diego has been giving Pete blowjobs since to keep him quiet. Pete might be liking this relationship more than his sexless one with a longtime girlfriend. Diego recently bottomed for the first time on camera and Michael was the top and the two were on fire on screen and it's led to some confusion for Diego. Pete expects to be the second guy who gets his shot at fucking Diego soon...As it turns out, Pete doesn't get to be the second guy to fuck Diego as both had planned. Diego spends a lot of time with Sue for the next week, assuaging his feelings that he somehow cheated on her emotionally, and that leaves no time to slip off with Pete. Then the weekend that Sue returns to work and Michael's mother starts having Lizzie over to watch her, which would have been a perfect time for Pete to top Diego, Pete got drafted by a friend at work to act as chaperone. Ray Yates was gymnastics coach and his usual partner for overnight trips was hospitalized so Ray turned to Pete. As the youngest teachers on staff Pete and Ray were good friends already and Ray had come through before when Pete was in a bind so Pete didn't think twice about saying yes when Ray asked him to come along. Pete only thought about what he was giving up with Diego after the fact. Pete knew canceling on Ray would be admitting to himself that what he and Diego were doing together mattered to him and Pete was so not there yet.Not that Diego had the time to think too much about what he and Pete have been doing. Construction work picks up, Sue is freaking out about returning to work and needs attention, and Diego and Michael are struggling with everyday things now having a subtext. Diego misses how Pete's trying hard to arrange a `play date', his preferred term after hearing a mom of an older kid use the term talking to Sue, while trying to act as if it's a big deal. They both miss how things are heading towards an unexpected encounter between Diego and the last roommate, Karl, but then they've been missing drama in Karl's life for some time.Karl was a beautiful, beautiful man. He had been a good-looking kid in high school but truly blossomed the summer after they had graduated. He'd been a good-looking kid in high school but he wound up looking like a blue eyed, curly blonde haired, hard bodied angel by the time most of his friends had left for college. Karl had no such plans. All Karl needed was a steady job and a steady supply of women to fuck. The construction job he got satisfied the first and got in the way of the second eventually.Karl's bad luck was to get hired by Don Jeffries, a closeted man in his late twenties who owned the construction company. Don fell in lust with Karl at first sight and vowed right then to bed Karl. Don didn't care anything about Karl's interests or personality. Don just wanted the surfer boy looking angel as his regular bed partner. And so it was on.Don's first step had been to assert his dominance over Karl often and aggressively as much as possible in a non-sexual way. Karl's father was a bit of a wimp so Karl responded very quickly to this tactic. Bit by bit Karl's personal life was taken over by Don. Karl gave up choosing his friends, his wardrobe, and even most of the women he slept with, although that number decreased over time. Don introduced Karl to a woman Don's own age who had an agenda when it came to sex with Karl. JoAnne freaked out Karl at first with how much she played with Karl's ass but over time Karl just went with it. At the height of that, Karl would screw JoAnne harder than he ever had any woman with a vibrating dildo up his ass or cum just from JoAnne topping him with a strap on.Around that time Don started splitting Karl's time between the office and sites. The hard work maintained Karl's physique, something VERY important to Don. In the office, Don could spike the boy's drinks with a little something to increase Karl's horniness. The doses started small and grew, starting with Karl usually finding himself horny around Don and ultimately where Karl would have to lock himself in the bathroom and jack off after a few hours with the boss. And it didn't escape Karl that it was only around Don that this horniness would hit him. It never occurred to Karl that Don might be drugging him. No, super straight Karl started wondering if he might have a gay streak as far as Don was concerned. Just like Don wanted him to think!It took Don nearly a year but he finally felt he had Karl right where he needed him to be. They were working later than usual and as had become the custom, doing the office work out of Don's apartment. Karl had been given quite a dose of the Viagra based cocktail and every time Don would `accidentally' brush him Karl would get even more turned on. It wasn't helping that Don blocked every attempt by Karl to escape the room and take card of his hard, dripping cock. When Don suddenly pulled the younger man into a passionate kiss, Karl was so insane with lust he just kissed back, not even caring that this was something that was supposed to be anathema to Karl!"What are you doing?" Karl finally managed tp pant out as Don broke the kiss. Both their shirts had hit the floor during the kiss. Don vaguely recalls helping with that and Don's now undoing Karl's belt."Getting ready to fuck you, retard." Don gets Karl's pants and briefs down and pushes his employee back onto the very large couch. The work boots fly across the room and now Karl is just spread legged in nothing but his crew socks."But I'm not gay!" a panicked Karl finally manages, his hands going to cover his leaking hardon."Karl, do you not get so turned on when we work together that you need to go beat off?" Karl blushed hard. He thought Don hadn't known. "And I know about JoAnne and the dildos.""What are you doing?" Karl squeaks out again. Don has already kicked off his boots and it's short work for him to loosen and step out of his pants. The biggest dick Karl has ever seen is jutting straight out towards him, uncut and the end glistening with precum."Tell me you don't like this and I'll stop," lies Don, getting on his knees, lifting Karl's ass, and attacking Karl's virgin hole with his tongue. Karl tries to tell Don to stop but every time he opens his mouth to do so only moans come out. Karl has to admit that it does feel fantastic. All too soon for Karl, Don stops eating him out and starts kissing a trail up Karl's body until their mouths meet again. This time it's Karl who initiates the kiss and Karl's tongue that invades Don's mouth first.But it is Don's solid slab of man meat that invades Karl! Karl groans but JoAnne did her work well and at most Karl feels is slight discomfort as Don sheathes his whole cock inside Karl's ass in one long slow All Lolita Site push."Still not gay?" teases Don."No but," and Karl almost can't get the next words out, "fuck me anyways!" And Don does, not ignoring an inch of Karl's body as he piston fucks Karl. Karl cums twice before Don blasts his first load, the first of four he'll dump in Karl's ass that night.Karl's life underwent a one hundred eighty degree turn after that night. Karl still thinks of himself as straight but over a year has gone by and he's probably bedded no more than two women that whole time. For months Karl was an increasingly willing sex partner for Don, who was very careful to make sure Karl got as much pleasure as he did. Don had friends join he and Karl in bed and from there set up Karl on blind dates where Karl willingly would bed the guys. Karl's even found himself getting turned on by the sight of guys as much as women and slept with a handful of guys who showed interest without even a slight involvement from Don.And Karl has hated every moment of his change but feels powerless against it. All Lolita Site He feels like a straight guy living a gay man's life. Miserable all the time when alone, Karl missed signs that something was up between Diego and Pete. It was Don who brought it up, having discovered the site Diego appeared on. Don wondered if Karl was holding out on him and sleeping with Diego."Wow," was Karl's whole reaction when Don proved to him that he wasn't joking about Diego. Karl had always wondered if Pete was gay but had considered Diego almost a role model for heterosexual males. Karl's eyes bugged to see Diego doing some things even he hadn't done All Lolita Site yet. Karl was also surprised by how turned on the pics made him. Don and Karl went at it ferociously that night, with Karl learning Don had no intentions of approaching Diego. Karl was Don's type and that was that.Still, it left Karl very conflicted and a bit upset. Diego was doing all these things and he was still getting to live a straight life. Karl resented it and also started watching Diego more carefully, seeing things that weren't even there. Karl even read sexual reasons into Diego having his next brother to turn eighteen, high school student Rico, move in to the house. It would all come to a head when Karl saw the update with Diego giving his ass up to another close friend, Michael.Karl made sure that Rico was not going to be home after learning Pete was going out of town and Sue was returning to work. The plan was Karl would just unload on Diego about being a hypocrite and a liar. That Karl would let Diego feel like he was betrayed somehow.Then Karl saw Diego exiting his bathroom toweling his hair off but otherwise uncovered and learned that Don had indeed taught him well. Karl had grown up with Diego and had never had a sexual thought towards his friend. Karl hadn't even had one while watching Diego have sex with so many guys online. In person? Karl was taken by surprise by how desirable he now found Diego. Karl's seven inch cock sprang to full size before Diego even noticed there was anyone in his bedroom."Hey, Karl. What's up. I thought Don had you on that special project this weekend?" That seals Diego's All Lolita Site fate right there. Diego truly did believe that Don gave Karl extra work. It's why he started using that to cover up where his money from doing porn was coming from. It would never occurred to Diego that Karl was having sex with any man, let alone their boss. To Karl though it feels like Diego is flaunting his good fortune for having it all and that snaps something inside the blonde."Does Sue know how you make extra money?" just tumbles out of Karl's mouth before he's even aware he was going to say it. Diego stops dead. He knows he's been lucky so far. Diego's had men around town look at him and even had one or two brave enough to request autographs when he was alone but no one close had found out about Manuel Suave. Well, except for Pete but Diego's actually enjoyed how things have worked out there. Diego sits down hard on one of the chairs in the room, the towel falling to the floor. Karl thinks Diego's even forgotten he's still naked."How did you find out?""Gay friend," Karl lies. "He saw you and Michael online and hoped I partied that way too. So, you gonna answer me? Does this have the Sue seal of approval or is it behind her back?" Diego hates the way Karl seems fixated on Sue. She can never know what he's done for their family."She'd kill me but you wouldn't believe the money, Karl! I could work two extra jobs and not bring in what I do one weekend a month.""And getting to suck dick and get fucked is just a bonus?""It's a job, Karl. I never did anything with a guy until they hired me. And I've only been fucked once." Karl laughs cruelly."You and All Lolita Site Michael did it more than once in that video and I don't think I can believe you two haven't been fucking like monkeys since then. Heck, you've probably done every friend but me. Well, except Pete. Nobody does Pete." Karl catches the way Diego can't look at him. "Holy shit. Pete? He fucked you too?""No! It's just he found out first about the job and, well it sounds bad but I've been keeping him quiet with blowjobs." Bingo, thinks Karl. He starts taking off his shirt. "What are you doing?""You just said you use sex to keep guys quiet. You need to keep me quiet and I haven't fucked in a while so..." Karl's quite hard by the time he's as nude as Diego and Karl notices the sight seems to helping Diego chub up down there as well. It's all Karl can do to stop from walking over to Diego, dropping to his knees, and using his mouth to bring Diego to full hardness. It's the kind of thing Karl's been doing with Don and the others for what seems like forever now. Karl resists the urge. It's not who Karl wants to be even if it's the role he's being trained for. With Diego, Karl is resolved to be dominant."Karl, I'm not sure..." Diego hesitates, letting himself really look at Karl, a sexually aroused Karl, for the first time. Karl smirks and Diego only then notices they're both now hard and dripping. Diego gives up. Diego wasn't sure he wanted anymore Manuel Suave in his real life. It all felt so good and was so tempting that Diego feared it might start crowding out Sue. But here Diego has no choice. Manuel Suave has to take care of Karl and take care of him good. And so All Lolita Site what if Diego enjoys it? It'd be torture anyways to try and fight that considering. It's not as if Karl didn't see the updates and how into it Diego can get.Diego is up and on Karl in a heartbeat. Karl resists a little when Diego kisses him but that doesn't last long. The two old friends are soon kissing like lovers and their hands finding places to explore on each other's bodies and their hard cocks grinding together. Diego guesses that he's not Karl's first male lover but decides not to admit that aloud. Diego's gone in a lust haze and anything that might interfere with getting to climax is backburnered.Diego pushes Karl back and his friend falls backward son the bed. Karl curses that he so willingly lets Diego take control but forgets that the second Diego's lips wrap around his dick. Karl is not the one doing the sucking so it's all good. And Diego's talents are more than good, they're great. None of the many women or the few guys that have gone down on him have managed as much of Karl or so vigorously. Karl is almost willing to let Diego finish him off that way but Karl sticks to his guns and stops sticking it to Diego's mouth."On your back," is the most complete sentence Karl can manage and Diego hurries to comply. Diego hooks his arms under his knees and his winking asshole is right there on display for Karl. Once again It looks good enough to eat so Karl does! He takes Diego's ass in his hands, lifts him up some more, and Karl shows Diego that Rimming 101 was a class taught by Professor Dona and one Karl did very, very well in.By the time Karl's had his fill, and confirmed all of Diego's suspicions, Diego is more than ready to be mounted. Karl has made Diego's ass yearn for cock in a way that he didn't even the first time he sat himself down on Michael's. Karl's entry isn't that gentle but Diego couldn't have stood that. While Karl thrusts in hard that first time, sheathing himself all the way in at once, Diego was pushing back to speed things up. It then becomes a race. Karl rabbit fucks Diego as hard as he can and Diego wanks himself furiously all the while trying to maneuver his ass and hole itself perfectly to bring his good friend off. Karl cums first and grinds in so hard that it just takes Diego two more strokes on his cock to explode himself. Karl collapses into Diego's arms and the two bodies mold together in their post-orgasmic bliss."Diego!" Diego is on the phone with Michael upstairs while Sue has Lizzie downstairs and is cooking dinner. Diego knows he and Michael are going to do it again soon. Neither one has admitted this but the tentativeness is gone and they've started making plans to `get together'. Even Michael can hear how frantic Sue sounds and ends their call so Diego can find out what's wrong. Michael doesn't bother to tell Diego to call him with an explanation since Michael will be over there soon enough. Michael might be closer to the Grand Canyon then Phoenix right now but speed limits be damned."Papa, what the fuck?" Diego gets to the kitchen and is horrified. His father looks frantic, holding a bloodied baseball bat that he is using to back Sue into a corner while she holds Lizzie. Diego is frozen since he knows he can't get to Juan before Juan could hit both of his girls."Your bitch won't tell me where your whore of a mother took Luis." Diego notices the welt on his father's forehead. "You stole my other sons so I know you two helped steal Luis too, the faggot.""Papa, you're not making sense." Diego forces himself All Lolita Site to sound calmer than he is, especially as Lizzie has picked up on Sue's fear and started crying."I found out your brother ha become the local cum dump and I was beating the faggot out of him when your mother hit me with a frying pan. I wake up and she's gone, Luis is gone, even Berto and Hugo are gone." It's no surprise to Diego Luis is gay. Diego spotted it ages ago. Diego almost throws up realizing that the blood on the bat is Luis' blood. "You know what? Fuck this. You boys have been nothing but trouble since you were born. You're the worst of them all so All Lolita Site you're gonna replace them. I bet a daughter would love and respect me the way a child should." Sue whimpers. She and Diego understand that Juan has decided he's leaving here with their daughter. That's it for Diego. Sue doesn't know of the gun Diego bought last year or that he snatched it from hiding just in case when he heard Sue scream. Diego didn't want to bring it out in the open with his father acting all crazy but All Lolita Site Juan's given him no choice now."Fuck you, Papa. You take one step closer to them and you're dead." Juan snorts derisively to see Diego pointing a gun at him but his face turns serious when father and son look each other in the eye. Juan has no doubt Diego could kill him right now without hesitation. His hands go up and he starts backing for the door. "Okay, okay, you win. Just remember: I brought you into this world and I am going to take you out. As soon as you and your whore are bleeding out on the ground, I will have my daughter." Juan dashes out the door just as Diego, blinded with fear and rage shoots. The only casualty is the back window."Are you okay? Did he touch you?" Diego frantically asks Sue. She's started sobbing now. "You two go upstairs and lock yourselves in the bedroom. I'm gonna call the cops and Mama." Diego thinks Sue is racing off to do as told and starts calling around. It's Umberto he finally reaches and finds out him and Hugo had been drafted to help Mama at church and when they got home they walked in on Papa whaling on Luis on the kitchen floor with the bat. Berto cries telling Diego this and that Mama just reached over for a frying pan, knocked Papa out, and had the boys help her get Luis to the hospital. Berto moans that he can't get Luis' blood off his hands. Diego calms his brother down as much as he can and promises he'll be there as soon as he can. All he tells Berto is that Papa caused drama at his house too and he needs to clean up that mess before he can join them. Diego's saying good-bye when Sue comes down the stairs with a bundled up Lizzie and a suitcase."Where are we going?" Sue looks like she forgot Diego was even here until he spoke."I called my father. There's tickets waiting at the airport. Lizzie will be safer in Detroit." Karl comes home just then and stops dead. There's no mistaking some major shit is going down."Great idea. We'll just swing by the hospital to check on Luis and we can go.""Diego, you're not coming." Both Diego and Karl are stunned. "I love you but this is your family putting Lizzie's life in danger. That asshole father of yours has promised we'd be dead and he'd have Lizzie and you know if you come with us, he will follow. You need to stay here and cover our tracks.""But I love you, I love you both more than life itself.""Do you love us enough to keep us safe?""Of course, I do.""Then let us leave. Please, Diego. If we stay here Lizzie is in constant danger. The only way she's safe is if you stay here and we leave." Diego starts to argue but Sue cuts him short. "Tell me you can guarantee our safety if we stay. Tell me that even if he's arrested, Juan won't find a way out and then to hurt all of us. Guarantee me that and we stay." Diego opens his mouth three times to say what Sue has asked but the fact that she's absolutely right stops the lies from coming out. Finally Diego just steps out of the way and gestures towards the door. Sue hugs him tight and whispers "I'll love you forever for this," and then she is gone."If you try to comfort me or hit on me right now, Karl, I just might kill you." Karl wisely stays quiet as Diego stomps up stairs to his bedroom and picking up a sweater of Lizzie's Sue dropped on the floor, he curls up in a ball on the bed and completely falls apart.Hours later Diego is still there. When Pete got home he convinced Karl to join him in trying to say something comforting but it was wasted. Diego's mood was as dark as the room he was in. Only Rico could get through it, ignoring it pretty much as he burst into Diego's formerly marital bedroom and threw his arms around Diego."What's wrong? Is Luis worse than they said?" Diego's protectiveness towards his brothers wins out over the despair of what his freak of a father cost him tonight."No, Luis is fine. It's just..." Diego waits for Rico to find the right words, thinking he's ready for whatever else has gone wrong. "Mama's gone. She's been saving up to leave and decided it had to be now. She's taken Umberto and Hugo and even Luis and gone off into hiding.""Without you? Without telling anyone?" Diego sees this as the ultimate selfish act of the bitch who raised him."She asked me to go and I asked about you. She said you had your own life and hadn't needed your old one in years. We got in a huge screaming match and I guess I told her how mad I still was she didn't ever do shit about Papa ever." Rico's near tears. "She had security throw me out, D. Doctor Jordan got me back in but they were all gone and no one even knows where. I can't believe she didn't at least call you.""She was never much of a mother, Reek. Least we don't have to pretend anymore. Come here." Diego wraps his arms around Rico and pretends he doesn't notice while Rico cries it all out, their father trying to kill Luis, their mother abandoning them. Diego starts noticing what a hard muscular body his brother has and starts getting somewhat dirty thoughts but Rico composes himself before he can notice that Diego's starting to get a little turned on. Us and Bobby, Carlos, Mike, and Will are all the family we need. We'll never desert each other or treat each other bad or our kids bad. We'll be fine." Diego believes this with all his heart and his certainty brings the first smile to Rico's face since getting the call from Hugo that Papa was beating Luis with a bat."Lizzie is sure lucky to have you as a dad, D. You've done more for me than any parent ever could." Rico then notices how different the bedroom looks. "D. Did something else happen?" All Lolita Site Diego tells Rico then about Papa showing up and Sue leaving over fear of what the man would do and the awful side he brought out in Diego. This time it's Rico's turn to hold and comfort Diego. It only ends when Diego's phone goes off."Hey, Diego." It's Gus, Michael's younger brother. "Your text said you wanted to know if anyone spotted your shit of a dad. I'm with the `rents but I swear I saw go into that bar on Howarth, Dugan's." Diego is heading for his car keys before Gus even finishes the sentence."Thanks for the tip, Gus.""You want us to turn around, I can back you up..." Everyone thinks of Gus as being such a total asshole, and he can be one, but Diego likes hearing Gus act like Michael. The Pappos brothers have such an incredibly wonderful set of parents that they can't even conceive of parents acting like the Castros always have."I'll be cool, Gus. I just wanna make sure I know right where the piece of shit is before I sic the cops on his ass." Diego makes suer Rico can't see him slip his gun in his pants. "Do me a favor and don't tell Michael. I wanna be the one to tell him.""Gus saw Papa." It's not a question and Rico assumes he's tagging along. Diego can't have that, especially if Papa forces him to do something illegal."My job, Rico. I got something else I need you to do." Rico looks doubtful. "There's a chance Sue might stop back. Can you stay here so you can stall her until I get back? If I do get Papa thrown in jail, she won't have any reason to take Lizzie away." Rico wasn't happy but Diego wasn't just inventing a way to keep his younger brother safe. Rico was family if Sue did have to come back even for a moment and had ammo even Karl and Pete didn't.After breaking nearly every vehicle safety code known to man, Diego didn't even set foot in Dugan's. the sound of his father's voice could be heard arguing in the distance. Diego made sure there was no one nearby, took the gun out, and followed the faint sound of arguing. As he got closer Diego recognized the other voice in the argument. It was the father of one of Luis' friends, Del Tyler."I should kill you too," rasped out Juan Castro. "Your family did that to my Luis. I didn't raise that boy to be fucked by you and your sons. You punales made me do what I had to. Those videos made me sick. You let me walk away or I play them for everyone" Diego isn't see by either men from his vantage point and Diego is shocked Del doesn't deny having sex with Luis. A part of Diego can't blame Luis. Del might be much older than them but he's buff and built with movie star good looks and dark eyes and hair. Diego would be tempted to sleep with that knowing what he knows now."Fuck you, Castro. I didn't start things with Luis and I probably should have been stronger and stopped the affair but fuck you. I checked. Luis was past age of consent and it'd be worth my reputation being destroyed to see you pay for trying to kill your own son." Diego cheers inside hearing that. Del did some wonderful things for the brothers still at home when he found out how bad Juan was."Ready for everyone to know your boys are fags, asshole? And there's bail. On my way to Mexico I can show those putos what a real man is like right before I give them the same punishment I gave that cock whore you created." Del's fist lashes out faster than either Castro man can follow and Juan's head snaps back. He loses his balance and Juan's head cracks hard on the wall behind him. Del steps forward to finish it when Juan levels what is no doubt a stolen gun at him."One more step and you die knowing I am going to fuck up those pretty boys of yours." Diego's own gun is out and it's almost a sexual thrill realizing he now has a legal excuse to kill his own father. Del however is blocking the shot. "Walk away.""You won't get away," Del answers as he turns around. Diego has zero doubt the man will head straight to the nearest cop from here. Del's not the kind of man who would put his reputation above his children's safety. Once Del is gone Diego consider shooting his Papa anyways, knowing he'd probably get away with it when Juan drops his own gun. Juan's hand goes to his face and the blood that's started streaming from his nose. Both hands then clutch his head and Juan drops to the ground. By the time Diego reaches the prone monster, Juan Castro has died.Diego goes into automatic. All those things Del has done and no doubt is doing right now flash through his head. Diego can't let the police find his father's body. No doubt the punch and hitting his head so hard killed Juan but the police will investigate. Del will be ruined so Diego pockets the fallen gun and buddy carries his father to his car. Anyone watching, if there had been anyone, would have assumed Juan was drunk. Next Diego finds the family car. In it is just a suitcase filled with an amazing amount of money and a flash drive. Diego takes the case knowing the cops will finds the car soon and heads south. There was a place Frank and Michael took Diego camping once Diego thinks would be perfect for Juan. It's late enough at night now that Diego's undisturbed when he tosses Juan's body off a cliff. By the time it's found, animals should take care of any evidence of what Del accidentally did and the police themselves are alibiing the man so he can't be blamed for the body dump. Diego drives home in a wonderful mood, thinking it's all over.Days later, Gus and Michael find the motel Diego has been holed up in drinking. Diego called Sue on the way home and learned nothing had changed. If he was All Lolita Site unwilling to ruin Del's life to prove to Sue that Juan was not a threat any longer Sue was not coming back. On top of that, Diego pulling a gun on his own father proved to her she'd never known him. Diego started getting drunk five minutes later and had only left the motel to get more whiskey by the time the Pappos boys showed up.Over the next few weeks Karl and Pete try to reach Diego. He usually uses sex to distract them so Pete gives up while Karl tries harder. Michael and Rico have been keeping their distance, both knowing Diego won't accept comfort until he's ready. Rico in fact has been staying with Michael so Diego doesn't break his heart too and thus has missed what Diego and Karl have been up to pretty much anywhere the mood hits Karl.Then comes the day that Diego wakes up and swears someone's smoking pot in his room. One bloodshot eye opens and someone is. It's the boys from next door, skinny blonde cutie Jamie Davies and harder looking dark hottie Mark Lucas. Jamie waves. Diego rubs both eyes and opens them but the boys are still there."Wanna hit?" Mark asks and Diego decides he does. Alcohol isn't helping anymore and though Diego never liked pot, maybe it's what he needs to stop aching inside and out. Without bothering to cover anything, Diego heads over to the couch they're on. Diego had pretty much figured out Mark was gay ages ago but the way Jamie licks his lips at Diego's cock swinging in his face tells him Jamie's gay too."Wanna touch it?" Diego asks as he takes his first hit. Sex keeps Karl and Pete from annoying Diego with their concern so why not stick with what works."Are you offering before or after a two week shower, Manuel, `cause you reek." Diego takes a second hit and flops back on his bed."Kids, I appreciate you coming over here for some kind of teen boy intervention but save your breath. I lost All Lolita Site my girlfriend, family, daughter, and job and without Sue's income we're gonna lose this house. My life's been ruined. What pep talk will help that." Then it hits him. "You called me Manuel?""Yeah, we lied on the age thing and joined Gay For Play just to download your stuff. And Michael's. And I guess Tran too but we didn't-" Mark silences his best friend with a glare."We're not here to cheer you up, Diego. We have solutions to your problems." Diego glares at Mark daring them to try. Diego hasn't found one yet so is kinda pissed two high school kids think they have. "You tell him, Jamie.""Okay, well. You remember I told you my dad's mom was rich and left it all to me but I can't touch it yet? I've got a trust fund, her old house, property, so on and Mom is a real hardass about not using any of it except to pay household expenses until it's legally mine." Diego's expression says `yeah, so'. "Anyways, um, a bunch of us, well, you know..." Mark sighs."Diego, the bunch of us that hangs out? We're fucking each other like monkeys or we would be if we had a place that didn't have a Bible thumping mom on the premises. So yeah, you're gonna lose the house and we told the Moms that and Noreen finally agreed to let Jamie decide what happens with his grandmother's house.""It's empty and huge and we split into four apartments. Pete and asshole Karl can have the basement one, you can have one of the other floors, and we get the top floor for a clubhouse, only I don't know if clubhouse is the right word if we're just gonna be doing it twenty-four seven." Jamie beams and Diego has to admit, to himself at least, that the guys have come up with a partial solution."But charity? I haven't accepted one dime in charity since leaving home..." But Diego knows he'll have to now and it bothers him."It comes with a salary! You'll be caretaker and collect rent and do repairs and most important, the Moms will only let us guys hang out there if you give them your word you'll keep us from getting it trouble." Jamie brings out the big guns. "We'll pay you what the construction job did plus my Mom threw in paying for the tuition for you to finally get to go to college and Mark's mom works for a Mister Pappos, remember? They've decided to file for at custody of Lizzie. They'd have already started but Michael won't let them talk to you until you get your head out of the bottles." Diego wants to cry suddenly. Jamie and Mark were two kids he barely paid attention. Sure, Diego helped their mothers with the manly things they needed since Diego and company moved next door but they weren't very high on Diego's list of concerns. Despite that, these guys really have solved nearly all of his problems or have given him the means to do it himself. Diego gets up and pulls the boys to their feet. Diego kisses Jamie hard until he feels like Jamie's now hard cock is going to rip through his pants. He does the same to Mark but Mark's already hard and leaking by the time Diego presses their bodies together."That's just a taste of what you get after my two week shower, guys." Tears do start to run now and Diego is joined by Jamie. Mark fights it but that's Mark. "Yes, I'll do it and I just might have a life again. Not the one I had, not the one I wanted, but you know what? I think I can make a good one. Can you All Lolita Site call Michael and Rico for me while I start that shower? They need to hear this.""They're next door with Karl and Pete and the Moms, waiting. Carlos and Will Bobby are even there. They showed up with all the money they've been saving and Bobby and Mike saved to pay your rent until you got better." Diego stops in midstep at that revelation. Sue might think she doesn't love who Diego really is but these boys do and Michael and his brothers do as well. It's gonna be hard starting over but Diego knows he can it now, especially with friends and family like he has. Juan might have ruined what Diego thought he had but he didn't touch what mattered most and Diego smiles through the tears until the hot water washes them away.
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